Add to basket

Can be integrated with

Turn ‘ads’ into ‘adds’

Add to basket is a convenient tool that helps people build shopping baskets on the go.

Your customer doesn’t want to interrupt her day to order a single item, but that doesn’t mean your marketing shouldn’t convert. Add to basket starts the shopping process wherever your customer sees your brand and picks it right back up again when she’s ready to do her online shop.


From bus stop to browser

Add to basket works with outdoor and print ads, TV, social media, display ads and everything in between. We designed Add to basket to drop seamlessly into all of the marketing channels we know of (and probably some we don’t). From product packaging to recipe books, every interaction your customer has with your brand can now be made shoppable. Adimo integrates with all leading retailers to keep customers in control of how, where and when they like to shop.


Under the hood

Your products are selling, but do you know which marketing messages are making customers sit up and take notice? Adimo insights track the channels that convert, building a library of data your team can use to learn and optimise as you go.

Integration highlights