Adimo’s Tweets Of The Month: October, 2017

Stuart Elmes

October is the spookiest month. 

The weather has turned, Summer is as far away as it's ever going to be, and, of course, you've got Hallowe'en.

For many, Hallowe’en means fun times, candy, costumes, and parties. But, for those in the FMCG, CPG, eCommerce, and digital marketing space, this time of year means something else entirely. October is the time when we ramp up our marketing efforts to cash in on the holiday season at last. Hallowe’en represents only the intriguing marketing opportunities and trends for the season to come. We must all be mindful of which way the cold, creepy wind is blowing.

Meanwhile on Twitter, we share knowledge and offer each other words of wisdom for the stresses to come (when we can find the time!)

Let’s see how we did this month…

Adimo’s Tweets Of The Month: October 2017


Best mind-blower…


Best visual…


Best branding…


Best hashtag hijack


Best gift to the lazy…


Best Bees


Best conversation


Best packaging


Best “a little late”


Best “I’m getting the distinct impression we understand #CPG differently”


This month’s eCommerce twitter image trend? Hallowe’en gifs: because nothing sums up the magic of an ancient pagan celebration like 3 seconds of video footage on an endless loop.

Here’s just a few we found…








So, Happy Hallowe’en, CPG, FMCG, digital marketing, and eCommerce world!

Here’s to the amazing month to come!

We’ll be watching, as always, and we’ll see you all in November!