Adimo’s Tweets of the Month: June 2017

Stuart Elmes

 What an interesting year 2017 has been...

As we reached the crest of the 2017 hill and craned our collective necks to peer over the other side, we were treated to a view of nothing more than a dense, impenetrable fog.

Why? Because that is the world we are living in, friends.

Show us a person out there who foresaw the bizarre global developments the first half of 2017 had in store, and we'll show you a liar. 

In the world of FMCG, CPG, martech and eCommerce, the story was much the same.

Voice-activated AI assistants spreading like a helpful plague, new and terrifying customer data laws, and an unholy alliance between Whole Foods and Amazon have cast an ominous cloud over 2017’s first 6 months, and we shudder to think what comes next.

Luckily, as always, we have Twitter to keep things in perspective.

Let’s see how we did this month…

Adimo’s Tweets of the Month: June 2017


Best augmented juice

Best Polished squad

Best “shoppable holiday” (Yes, this is a thing now)

Best stats

Best celebrity shave-off

Best convenience (You scan it, they send it)

 Best Idea

 Best visual

 Best cartoon

 Best crime (burning US money is totally illegal)

 Best plan

Best cross-channel experience

 Best “what’s the problem here?”

 Best branding

 Best tweet

“the best part is, it’s not really sales. your friends & neighbors get the same quality bananas they always have, but now you get paid”

— HeavyHokie (@heavyhokie) June 26, 2017

This month’s ecommerce twitter image trend? Attack of the drones! Hey, we all know it’s coming eventually, right?

Here’s just a few we found…

So tweet on, FMCG, CPG, and eCommerce world! These are strange days we are living in, and we must all remain vigilant. We’ll be watching, and we’ll see you all in July!