Adimo’s Tweets of the Month: February, 2017

Stuart Elmes

 February has been an interesting month.

Here at Adimo we closed a million pound funding round, refreshed our branding, and launched our very own blog in earnest.

Marmite-gate kept us glued to our screens for the latest updates, Donald Trump did a bunch of Donald Trump things, and Mobile World Congress 2017 got all prepped for launch.

Meanwhile, in the world of FMCG and CPG eCommerce, the twitter bar was raised once more.

We've been heartily impressed by the quality of Tweets on offer in our little corner of the internet, and we've curated a few of our favourites from the 28 day month that was.

Have a look, won't you? 

Adimo’s Tweets of the month: February, 2017

These job opening adverts from Pie are excellent…


Are we the only ones who clicked on this article just because of the outstanding photo?


From our “Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” file… (Three years well spent!)


The old “Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” file really seems to be filling up these days. What an age we live in!


From our “silly” file…


We promise to move this one from the “silly” file to the “Mmmmmm!” file if someone gives it a try and testifies to its deliciousness. Volunteers?


While we’re at it, any theories on this?


Best theory:


This month’s eCommerce Twitter trend? Keyboard keys that never were.

What better visual representation for performing specific tasks using a computer?

Here’s just a few we found:


Did we forget that February also contained Valentines Day? Nope. Here’s one to warm your heats and make you believe in true love once again…


So tweet on, eCommerce nation. Summer is just around the corner, and we plan to spend the rest of this long dark winter curating your best tweets and raining glory upon those keeping the FMCG and CPG Twitter dream alive!